In order to challenge the Culture of Violence, one must first agree that such a “culture” exists. It is possible that most, if not all, people agree that we live in a violent world. There seems to be no end to war, murder, assaults and so many other types of physical (and mental) violence. Through examples and discussions with readers, this blog will explore the extent and depth of violence in our everyday lives, looking at the fields of entertainment, including sports, film, music and so on, as well as news and general personal interactions. Disagreements are expected, as are courtesy and civil discourse. The disagreements will likely come concerning not only the extent, or depth, of that cultural mindset but also how to address it. Postings will, over time, try to address both aspects. This blog will be unlike many others in that my posts will generally not be long. In most instances, I see short posts to identify particular circumstances which I find to be violent on some level. Some will be obviously violent according to most people’s appreciation of the term “violence”. Others will probably be more questionable. It is from such diversity that I hope we can better see when and how we, as humans, are conditioned to no only accept certain types of violence in our lives, but to actively support or be engaged in some types of violent behavior. Please join in on the discussions. Those who disagree with the author’s posts or those of others in a hostile manner will be acting to support the original premise.



Bio: I'm retired, and have spent years watching people and thinking about life and living it. There are so many problems in this world, and lots of ways to try to fix things. There are also people who aren't really all that interested in fixing problems for others, and may even benefit from the problems of others. Violence and its pervasive influence in the world is one topic I feel that, if adequately addressed, could lead to a much better environment for all on this tiny planet.

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